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Scary Stories

The Cave by Mackenzie (Creepy Pasta Honorable Mention #1)

The CaveI had never felt guilt so intense before now.  I knew it was all my fault, and I knew that we were going to die because of me.        

It should have been routine: take some new friends into a cave, explore, have a little fun.  By no means was I an expert.  Just someone who liked to live a little dangerously.  I convinced them to go, and before any of us knew it, we had no idea where we were.    

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Revenant Ghost by Jared (Creepy Pasta Honorable Mention #2)

Revenant GhostMurmuring gust 
Echoing among winds 
A voice speaks harshly 
Akin to petrification 
Trembling egos, and yet 
Disturbance supervenes  

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Tap, Tap, Tap by Serina (Creepy Pasta Honorable Mention #3)

Tap, Tap, TapThe tapping noises started again. That same twisted rhythm made from striking metal with a stone. I rip off my blankets and snatch up my phone, turning on the flashlight and penetrating the dark. The same gut-wrenching feeling attacks me again. That feeling you get when falling or being chased. My throat tightens and I grip my phone harder. 

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The Little People by Mya Papaya (Creepy Pasta Honorable Mention #4)

The Little People“Your house is weird.” 

William left a worrisome amount of lasagna on his dinner plate. He loved lasagna. 

“And what makes you say that?” Grandpa asked.

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The Amulet by Ashley Tiara LillyThe AmuletThomas stood in the dark hallway of the abandoned house. The only light he had came from the flashlight app on his smartphone, and it was draining his battery fast. If it wasn’t for the erratic movement of the light, he never would have realized how much his hands were shaking. He was catching his breath when the hairs on the back of his neck stood up, cold shivers running down his spine. The house smelled like dust mixed with a subtle aroma of wine.

With every step he took, the floorboards creaked. He called out to someone who might not be there, and this made him question his own sanity. Taking a deep breath to calm himself, he decided to call it quits and get the hell out of there. That’s when he saw her—the ghost girl. Read more

Quiet Breakfast by Ashley Tiara LillyQuiet BreakfastYoung Lucas sat at the kitchen table. He was eating from a bowl of Cheerios while his mother was making pancakes. Her light brown hair was pulled back into a messy ponytail, and she held the house phone between her ear and her shoulder.

His blue eyes lit up as she flipped a pancake in the pan with one hand. He smiled wide and somehow his mom sensed it, turning around to smile back. Read more

TJ’s Petition (Part 3) by Rochelle CampbellTJ's PetitionOn March 20, it did not rain.  Each day was an agonizing drain on TJ.  It didn’t rain until the late evening of March 31.

Heather materialized after dinner and waited until TJ entered the room.

“Quick, set up all of the items.  Put them all in a clear glass bowl.  Collect the rain in a new glass object.”

TJ had begun bustling about and was digging in the trunk when she popped her head up. “New?! Why didn’t you tell me that before? I don’t have any new glass objects!” Read more

TJ’s Petition (Part 2) by Rochelle CampbellTJ's PetitionIt had been three days. Heather, the trapped ghost, glared at the sleeping Tinnae Jean, or TJ, as the mother woman seemed to call her. Heather couldn’t even go back up to the attic. The ephemeral chains kept her in TJ’s room. The hate bubbled up from Heather’s soul. How she wished she could cut off the young girl at the knees! Barring her teeth, Heather hissed at the sleeping form on the bed. Read more

TJ’s Petition (Part 1) by Rochelle CampbellTJ's PetitionThe black seaman’s trunk thumped heavily as Tinnae Jean hauled it up the narrow staircase. She paused for a breath and gazed at the trunk. It was dull and scratched; not much to look at on the outside, she thought. The beauty was what was inside. With a quick sigh, she resumed her ascent. Read more

Mirror Mirror by Kees Couprie She didn’t know what had woken her up. It wasn’t the blackbird that usually welcomed the day by singing from the tree in front of her window. It wasn’t the light from the rising sun either. What time was it anyway? According to her alarm clock, it was 3:45 a.m. Well, whatever it was that had dragged her from Morpheus's arms, now that she was awake, she might just as well make use of the bathroom.  Read more

The Legend of Rupert by Kees Couprie German soldierOnce every five years, in a small town in the Ardennes, a local historic society and many amateur actors join forces to reenact certain events in the Battle of the Bulge, partly just because it’s fun, but also in the hope of raising historical awareness with the local youth. To me, an amateur photographer with an interest in European history, these reenactments are a perfect opportunity to combine my two hobbies, so a number of years ago I decided to visit the place, where I quickly befriended the historic society’s chairwoman Michelle and her wheelchair-bound husband, Jacques.  Read more

My Grade School Haunting by Caroline MilamPeople say ghosts aren't real and it's all a hoax, but I know it's not. Spirits can possess both adults and children. I witnessed this firsthand back in elementary school.

During recess one day when I was in grade school, my friend Nova and I were playing by an old sewage pipe that most kids we knew stayed far away from. They told us it was haunted but I didn’t believe it. In fact, to prove it, I went up to the pipe and peered inside the dark hole. While I felt a little scared, I didn’t want Nova to know it. I stepped inside and she followed suit.  Read more

Murderous by Guy GleesonDead. They’re all dead. It’s just me and—and her.

It was all fun and games until Lucy’s idea of playing “Seven Minutes in Heaven” turned into something more representative of the Seventh Circle of Hell. Jacob and Alice went into the wardrobe for their seven minutes. Nine minutes had passed when Lucy, who opened up the wardrobe with a giggle and a hope of catching the pair with their tongues down each other’s throats, got quite a shock to find them with their throats cut open. Read more

Demon House by The Icebox The house sat desolate at the edge of town. The grass in the front yard seemed to stop growing like it gave up trying to give life back to the home. Even the trees were dead. The front porch had seen better days with boards bowing and missing in spots. The front door was a large piece of mahogany, heavy and solid, adorned with an old, rusty door knocker that looked like the devil eating a donut. All of the windows on the ground floor and basement had been boarded up to keep people out. Read more

Nightlights by Justin Jones Nightlights I understand why kids are afraid of the dark. They don’t know what imaginary monsters are hiding inside of their closets, or what invisible creatures lurk underneath their beds. Too young to differentiate fact from fiction, they seek parental guidance for help in vanquishing any unwanted monsters that are watching, waiting, and apparently, hungry for children. However, my situation is different. My parents have been acting strange to the point that I feel like I’m their parent now. Honestly, they’ve been acting like a bunch of babies! Read more

The Play Date by A.L. Steen The Play Date The unfailing sound of the ancient grandfather clock keeping time downstairs echoed through the thin walls of the old Victorian home. Audra, wide awake in the wee hours of the morning, couldn't help but count the seconds as they ticked by. It was almost time. Read more

Vampirate by Christian James Vampirate The sun began melting into the ocean as three British battleships pursued a small pirate ship, the Blood Wing, over the hills of water. The forward cannons roared and spat their shots at the tiny vessel ahead of them. Blood Wing’s crew scurried like rats up and down the main masts, following the bellowed orders of the distraught first mate below. Read more

The Black Knight by Christian James The Black Knight High on the barren hilltops to the east of the valley sat a lone knight on a massive black charger. The sun was just beginning to crest over the hills, illuminating the towers and ramparts of the dominant feature of the valley bellow; the fortress of Camelot. The sun on the warrior’s back warmed the metal alloy strapped to his body, increasing the temperature in the suit of black steel to an uncomfortable state—but that was not what had Sir Garmin’s blood roiling in a steady boil. Rather it was the sight of his adversary galloping up to meet him, with an entire army following in his wake. Read more

The Exorcist Arrives by K. A. Webb The Exorcist Arrives Jessica was the one who answered the door. She’d been waiting for the exorcist for what felt like years, when it had only been three days. The two of them looked at each other and then she stepped back to let him in. “You know how this works?” Nodding, Jessica smiled. “We don’t tell you anything. You need to learn whether or not there’s something here for yourself.” Read more

Los Niños Perdidos/The Lost Children by StartSelect The Lost Children It was a very quiet night in a city at the northern side of the country. It was weird for the night to be so calm because usually you would hear a lot of activity in the streets at night. I live in a very old house with painting that cover all the walls of the house. The paintings have very dull and gray colors but they help decorate the gloomy look that the house has. We had just recently moved here. My father is a very wealthy man who has made a lot of money and he has expanded his business all over the world. My mother is a very kind woman who is always worried about those who are less fortunate. My parents are usually traveling or going to meetings and I rarely get a chance to talk to either one of them. Read more

No One Believes Me by K. A. Webb No One Believes Me The Fletchers had heard rumours, but that wasn’t enough to stop them from buying the house. From the moment they saw it they knew it was the home they wanted and there was nothing in the world that could stop them from feeling that way. Jessica didn’t feel the same way. From the moment she heard about the ghost she was scared. It was the only logical way to feel, as far as she was concerned, because she knew much more about them than her parents did. She was ‘the weird one’ in the family, who was interested in unusual things and she knew there was a chance the ghost was more than a ghost. Read more

The Woodcutter by Christian James The Woodcutter Campbell was a man of few words. He was a tall, foreboding figure that favored his left hand. Throughout his life, others looked at him with a disdain that transcended the fact that he was a slave, and an overly clumsy individual. Both his master and the other slaves in their homes disliked him for his grotesque face and gnarled arms and hands. The doctor had written off the deformity as a birth defect, but that did not stop everyone around Campbell from giving him a wide berth. Read more

She by Grace Elizabeth She I’m not sure what to call what I saw that night. Part of me wants to call it a vampire, but that just makes me think of the Twilight saga, and this is far from a glittery, hot, sweet romance story. Maybe it was a ghost, or I venture to say a demon. Well anyway, it was my sophomore year in college and my roommate was going on a, and I quote, “Super sweet romantic camping trip” with her boyfriend, which means I had the apartment all to myself. Read more

A Ghost Encounter Story by Harold A Ghost Encounter Story Ghosts are real, man, I’m telling you! Let me tell you about the time I got a call from a friend of mine begging me for help. She's all supernaturally inclined, believes in dark spirits and things. I didn't, but that is until well... she gave me that call. She kept saying she can’t stand it any more, said that she had to leave, saying that her home was haunted. I thought she was trying to pull my leg, but the next thing I know she shows up at my place. She begged me to stay at her place with her, she didn't feel safe alone in her house. Read more

My Black Eyed Kid Encounter by Jake My Black-Eyed Kid Encounter So Black Eyed Kids. The mere idea of them terrifies me. It didn't used to. In fact I didn't understand what the big deal was. I don't know why, I mean I read the online stories and articles about BEK's just like everyone else but I just didn't have that visceral reaction so many other people did when reading about them. Read more

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